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South America With Your Compass

A Map Of South America. recreation Create a map of South America with your preferred countries colored in blue. The largest country on the South American continent is Brazil, which is home to about half the continent's population and nearly two-thirds of its landmass. To make a Map Of South America, you will need to find a map with a large enough projection that covers the whole of Brazil. A good choice is a Mercator Projection map which has a high degree of accuracy and gives an accurate representation of the continents and their relation. You can color and mark the map based on the Andean mountains in the west of the country. Then take a scale drawing of Brazil on your computer to get the size of Brazil that you want. You will then need to locate a large scale drawing of Brazil on your computer and copy it onto paper. Then you will need to go to the nearest office supply store or art store and purchase a ruler. You will also need to purchase a pen and a pencil. If you are using a digital camera it may not be necessary but if not you can always print the map onto canvas. portrayal Another option is to make a large poster of the map and laminate it.

Brazil and The Major Cities

Next, you will need to mark on the paper in such a way as to represent the Brazil region. For instance, if you want to make a Map Of South America with the country of Argentina you would want to mark the countries of Rio de Janeiro, Belo Horizonte, Buenos Aires, and Santa Fe. You will also need to mark on the paper where the main ocean is located such as the Pacific Ocean, Atlantic Ocean, Indian Ocean, Caribbean Ocean, and the Southern Ocean. You may also want to mark the latitude and longitude points depending on how you plan on traveling to and from these locations. You will need to make a small scale drawing of the South American coast in order to get an idea of where the Brazil coastline will appear when you are looking at a Map Of South America. You should use a compass because it allows you to map the coastline in the correct direction. You will also need to decide whether or not you want to include the South Atlantic and South Pacific ocean on your map or not. If you decide on not including these two regions of water you will be missing out on some incredible places if you choose to use a compass to guide your travels. After you have decided on the places where you would like to travel to you will need to measure the distances between your starting point and the places where you want to go to make sure that your Map Of South America is accurate. When you have measured the distances, note down the latitude and longitude and write down which direction you are facing when you take a picture of yourself at your starting point. You should do this to your own Map Of South America because the direction that you face determines which direction the sun rises and sets in Brazil.

Compass and Map

You may need to make a map of Brazil by taking a photograph of yourself and placing it onto the Map Of South America to make sure that you are facing the right way. Then, taking another photograph of yourself at your destination should be taken with the same direction. Take your compass and note the direction in the direction you were facing when you took the photograph at your beginning point. picture and note this down. You will need this information when you are making the actual Map Of South America with your compass. The final step is to get the measurements of each of your pictures and put them into a spreadsheet so that you can determine which direction to take your boat in order to reach the places you want to go to. Remember that the compass will show you the direction to the sun in the direction in which it is rising or setting.